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Your new beautiful nappies will last you many long years if you look after them, a few simple steps and your nappies will be looking new and spicy for a long time to come. I know I enjoy watching my nappies hang on the line and knowing each one of those nappies is one less disposable in landfill.

Before you use your spicy nappy for the first time please give it a wash on its own or with other new chilliís. This will ensure good absorbency and also remove any residue from the material. The cotton has been pre-shrunk however the bamboo booster will shrink in the first few washes (donít worry it was made bigger to allow for this) After the first wash the microfibre booster will be ready for action however your bamboo booster will take around 5 washes till it reaches its full potential.

To wash please use around ľ of the detergent you would normally use and add an extra rinse at the end. Please donít ruin your beautiful nappies by using bleach, vinegar or nappisan as this will ruin the PUL. It is ok to use a hygiene rinse such as canesten.

Dry Pail storage and washing:

Once your nappy has fulfilled its purpose remove the solid waste into the toilet, fold back the hook and loop tabs onto the washing tabs and dry pail in a bucket with a good lid. I like to add a washing bag to make it easier to remove the nappies from the bucket and straight into the machine. No need to add water to your bucket as they donít require soaking. Itís a good idea to wash your nappies every two days or so. You can leave the bamboo booster inside the nappy, it will come out during the washing cycle.

Soiled nappies:

Breast fed babies can create a mess but this washes out wonderfully so therefore no need to remove prior to washing, however as it becomes more solid please remove solid waste into the toilet before dry pailing your nappies till wash day.

Sun shine, a stains enemy:

Where possible line dry your nappies in the sun, it works wonders on stains, they will fade before your eyes. On days where this is not possible you can tumble dry then on low. The cotton does not like hot and will shrink if you tumble dry on hot. If the booster has not come out during the washing cycle please remove it prior to drying. Its a good idea to dry your nappies draped across two lines with the bamboo booster on one rail and the nappy on another (like a swing bridge) so the elastic is not being stretched with the inner facing towards the sun to help remove stains.

Strip wash:

Every so often your nappies will create a build up of detergent. If you find your nappy is no longer as absorbent as it use to be give it a Ďstrip washí. To do this put your nappies in the washing machine on a hot wash of around 60 degrees, use little or no detergent and rinse until the water is sud free.

Ready for another wear:

Once your nappies are dry reinsert the bamboo booster by holding the end with your hand and inserting your hand into the pocket opening. Bring it to the end of the pocket and hold it with your other hand as you use the first hand to smooth it out on your way back out. Ensure the booster is evenly spaced between both elasticised sided, its now ready for use, no searching for the boosters and bits that make up your nappy, its all there in one piece.

What NOT to do:

To prevent damage to your nappies there are few things you canít use, please donít use bleach, softeners, vinegar or nappisan in the washing process.† Also if your bub needs a barrier cream please use a liner inside your nappy as the cream will ruin the water absorbing properties.† Powder is perfectly fine.

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